Water ATM & Benefits

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A water ATM is an automated water vending machine that dispenses pure drinking water. It can be installed in urban and rural localities which do not have access to clean and pure drinking water. A water vending machine works like any regular bank ATM, the only difference being that it provides water instead of money.

People generally use water ATM machine to get clean drinking water at lower price rate than bottled water. There is a huge difference between rates of bottled water and RO purified water from a water ATM machine.

It is a sort of a water vending machine similar to Bank ATMs except that in a water ATM, money goes in to the machine in return for water. These machines, which run on a cash as well as a prepaid card or smart card system are built, owned and operated by private companies that have rights over public resources such as land and water.

Features of Water ATM Machine

  • 24 x 7 provision (no queues, no skipping school or work)
  • Water quality accountability and control
  • Cashless dispensing and pay-per-use methodology
  • Purify Water at less amount

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