Water ATM setup & support

We provide safe and affordable drinking water solutions to community. These solutions are self sustainable and the community and benefit a lot from it.

Distribution channel

We work with the team to grow and announce on different business models to maximize the reachability of customers and to provide the best quality service.

Bio-degradable bags

We manufacture compostable, biodegradable plastic bags designed to degrade through the actions of living organisms. So please say NO to plastic and yes to bio-degradable bags for a better environment.


Water ATM - purchase of water at a nominal price

The water ATM allows users to fetch water using a coin based system or a card based system. Using the card based system the end users need to recharge it like we do for a mobile recharge and then use the card for subsequent fetching of water until the balance is over.

Schedule service for the installed units

We have a very strong technical team to support the units in case of any wear tear or un towered activities. There is also a regular maintenance schedule for all units. The unit owners can call the customer care anytime and make a appointment for the maintenance too.


Would you like to own a water ATM unit?

If you are interested in owning a water ATM unit and make a good earning and also serve the community with the best safe and affordable water then call us today to discuss on the various models we have.