Our Vision

Our vision is to provide safe, affordable and sustainable water solution to the entire people of the state and save mother earth from pollutions using biodegradable plastic bags.

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Our Story

Being born in small towns of the state we always saw and faced the problem of drinking water. In villages people uses water from pond or river and perform some basic purification and then boil it to drink. We always thought that if the water looks clear then it is clean and safe to drink. But this is not the case, even if the water looks clear there could be bacteria or other contaminant which are dissolved in the water, the bacteria can be killed by boiling the water but the contaminant such as the agricultural pollutant does not go away from the water when it is boiled. Since manipur does not have much industries thereby the percentage of industrial pollution in water is very less but the same is not the case of the agricultural pollutants in the water. A major area of the state is agricultural land and as such the percentage of agricultural pollutants is more. Water which is contaminated with agricultural pollutants is also not safe to consume, such water when used for drinking over a long period of time can cause many other health issues.

Another point is there has been various studies from the universities of the state that water borne diseases is still a big issue in many parts of the state. There are still many areas where pipe water is still not reached. We needed to provide a solution to bridge this big gap. The solution should fix the problem in the root so instead of spending huge amount of money on hospitalisation for the patients who fall sick with water borne diseases bring in the solution and provide clean and safe water to each and every people of the state, thus removing the question of water borne diseases.

There are some percentage of shortage of drinking water which is met through the private bottled water companies but the price is not affordable for a low income person. And there are many areas of Manipur where such bottled waters are not even reached. This led us to thinking how we can make a solution so that we can make safe and affordable water reach every nook and corner of the state.

This is the short note on our motivation on working on this solution for the people of the state.

Meet the Team

We believe in working together to make things better. Our team comprises not only of the people working in the desk, front desk but also the ones working on the fields, be with the water solution units 24×7, be on the field where drinking water is in need with affordable price. The various volunteers who would like to serve the community acts as a catalyst to achieve our goal together.

Our success is solely the reason of all the members which are part of the solution. Though there are hierarchies maintained for the work we work together as a family discussing and hearing out each and everyone get inputs feedbacks and apply it to improve the system.

The spearheading team who had the dream to make such things happen and who dared to visualize it despite of all the major challenges to create a better society can be mentioned as below.

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Deepak Mangang


A very optimistic person, he has been in the industry for almost 15 years, he has successfully running a human resource company before starting his new venture.

Dutta Mangang

Managing Director

Dutta has been successfully running various projects on the theme of reducing pollutions and saving the nature and earth for future. His current venture is on bio-degradable plastics.

Cheryl M. Fernandez


A person with great skills on people management, she has got her technical skills on healthcare and community improvement programs.

Join the team

Come and join the team to grow yourself and serve the community. Write to us so that we can contact you to explain the details. I WANT TO JOIN