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Inauguration of first water ATM of Manipur in Bishnupur district

For the first time in Manipur, the 1st water ATM was opened at Bishnupur Maning Leikai to give safe and potable drinking water at affordable and reasonable price which was implemented by DLM Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd as part of the start up programme of Manipur Govt on the theme "Safe Water for All" today.

The launching programme was attended by MLA Moirang AC and Govt Chief Whip P Sharatchandra Singh as chief guest; MLA Kumbi AC S Bira Singh as president and adhyaksha Bishnupur District Dr Romabai Leirenjam as guest of honour.

Inauguration ceremony event

Watch the inauguration ceremony of first water ATM of Manipur by clicking the watch button.

Inauguration of DLM ECO biodegradable bag in Hotel Classic

The Eco bag are launched in Imphal in Classic Hotel. The initiative is much appreciated by many volunteers and environmentalist. Dlm Eco is keen to work with brand owners in order to provide them an environment friendly solution for their shopping and carrying bags that carry their logo, slogan and other important sales lines. We can help them with designing and manufacturing biodegradable shopping bags; custom made and available with up to 6 colors printing and choice of loop or die cut handle. Our current clients are from reputed departmental stores, hotels, and restaurants worldwide.

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Undergoing projects


Reverse Osmosis is the process of removing the impurities in an efficient way through a semipermeable membrane which is done under a high pressure. The TDS can be controlled so that end users get the best water.



Providing clean and affordable drinking water is the main motive of the organisation. Providing RO water to remote areas where the scarcity of drinking water is more will help in reducing the scarcity of drinking water.



DLM Eco solutions has eco bags for all kinds of usage, be it, small bags used for carrying things in shop, be it dustbin bags etc, we have it everything for you. There are variety of bio-degradable bags for household uses too.


Since 1993

What is water ATM?

Water ATMs are automated water dispensing units, which provide communities with 24/7 safe water access. They can be solar powered and cloud connected, thus enabling remote tracking of the water quality and of each pay per use transaction. It can provide very good quality and safe water to the people.

How does a Water ATM work?

All water-ATMs are powered by solar energy. They are connected to the main server via cloud computing. A decentralized water plant is set up as the main plant that purifies the water through reverse osmosis and a tanker filled with 500 liters of pure water is installed on the top of each ATM. People draw water from these ATMs using smart cards. These smart cards can be recharged at the main treatment plant. Whenever the level of water in any of the tanker reduces to 200 liters, a message is sent to the main server automatically and these tanks are again refilled. At one point of time, a customer can withdraw up to 20 liters of water.



What is a DLM ECO Bag?

They look like plastic bags but are made of materials like natural starch and vegetable oil derivatives. It is completely decomposed within 6 months. The another type is the oxo biodegradable material which naturally discarded is decomposed completely within 6 months to 1 year. So users can throw them away without worrying about harming the environment. The bags are even edible and will cause no harm to animals if ingested.

Raw Material Supply

We also supply compostable and oxo biodegradable raw material so that companies can use to manufacture different shapes and sizes of biodegradable carry bags and other items.

DLM ECO Bag Community

A community who wants to save the mother earth for the upcoming generations taking up initiatives to educate the people. These are the volunteers who are leading the state towards a eco friendly plastic bags.


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